St Martin Post Hurricane Status


St Martin - One Year On from Hurricane Irma

Updated November 16, 2018


St Martin is continuing it's renaissance.  The island is open for business since May of 2018 and welcoming guests. The beaches are beautiful. The turquoise blues of the Caribbean still tantalize and restaurants still mesmerize with their unique French Caribbean flair. New restaurants, villas, activities and excursions are being launched each week to complement the guest experience. The island promises to be better than ever in a few years time as new ideas and innovation take root on the island.


The scars of the hurricane will be visible for years to come as renovation projects get bogged down with insurance disputes or logistical challenges but the heart of the island and what makes the island one of the premier destinations in the Caribbean is evident these days. Fabulous restaurants with creative menus fusing French and Caribbean influences still tantalize.  Grand Case restaurants are launching with nearly 10 fabulous spots to dine. Simpson Bay is active and appears as if it was untouched by the storm.  The chic beach bars are relaunching and guaranteeing guests blissful days on the beach with exquisite cuisine and plenty of cocktails and champagne to make your work life a distant memory for a few days time.


Select villas have been hosting guests since May of 2018.  We will not relaunch a villa until the villa has achieved or surpassed it's previous standards.  The villas demonstrating availability are ready to accept reservations.  The photos of the villas are prior to the hurricane and if they have not been re-shot then the villa has the same expected decor.  Villas undergoing significant renovations will have new photos and renderings. While we have about 40% of the villas back on the market, we expect many more villas in the near future. Villa Encore, Belle Fontaine and Mer Soleil are scheduled for relaunch at the end of this month.  Additionally, new villas are being added to the collection. Villas with modern design and impeccable views.   If you wish to return to a villa that has not relaunched, we are accepting non-obligation reservations to block dates until the property is officially relaunched. 


The beaches on the Caribbean side are in very good shape and have more sand then in previous years.   Mullet Bay, Baie Rouge, Baie Longue, Plum Bay beach are in great shape.  Orient beach is rebounding.  The Sargussum seaweed issue that is affecting the Atlantic side of most Caribbean islands is expected to subside in the winter months with the cooler water temperatures.  We expect that Orient Beach will be a good option starting in November once the beach side restaurants return


Grocery stores are full. The infrastructure (water and electricity) are reliable and WIFI is returning to the previous standard.  Rental cars are available and we can arrange for them to be delivered to the villa. The island is safe and the roads are fine.  The following grocery stores are open. 

Dutch side

Grand Market Carrefour  in Porto Cupecoy and Phillipsburg ( Bush Road)

Market Garden  in Simpson Bay adjacent to Burger King

French side 

Super U in  Marigot

Monop in Marigot

Petit Casino in Orient Bay 

Cadisco Market in Nettle Bay located by the gas station, and convenient to villas in Terres Basses


A good selection of restaurants have been opened and many more are scheduled to return.  Simpson Bay has fully returned back to normal. Porto Cupecoy handled the storm quite well and Mario’s Bistro is open and welcoming diners.  Grand Case restaurants have re-opened such as Spiga, L’Auberge Gourmand, Rainbow, La Villa and Bistrot Caraibes with others expected to re-open soon.  Bikini restaurant on Orient Beach has re-opened with Kontiki and Kakao expected to re-open in late November.

View our current running list of St Martin restaurants that have relaunched.


The following activities are currently being enjoyed on the island.

Day trip on Pinel Island 

Zip lining and Clearwater Pool at Loterie Farm  

NEW! Dutchman Zip line. The Worlds Steepest Zip Line!

Power Boat and Snorkel Tour

Catamaran and snorkel



Jet ski


Kayak and Canoe tour 

Dinner Cruise

Sunset Cruise


The following casinos are in normal operation.

Simpson Bay 

Rouge et Noir in  Philipsburg

Royal Casino in Maho Reef

Dolphin Casino in Beacon Hill



St Martin is a good choice for winter travel as long as guests understand that the island is still rebounding and that sights of devastation will be readily apparent. But the destination has several key advantages. The island offers direct flights from major eastern US seaboard cities.  St Martin is well rounded and not a sleepy destination. There is always something to do and nearby islands to visit.   The value of a St Martin vacation is incomparable to other destinations.  And lastly, and most importantly, you will be contributing to the renaissance of the island.


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