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St Martin Blue offers an exclusive spa service for our guests. Experience the relaxing and soothing services of our indulgent spa treatments in the privacy of your own St Martin vacation home. Rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.


Massage Treatments

Swedish Relaxation Massage 

Using long flowing rhythmical strokes that work the major muscle groups as well as the superficial layers of connective tissue to help relieve the muscles from tension whilst inducing relaxation.
60 Minutes - $140                      
90 Minutes - $170

Holistic Aromatherapy Massage

Using a blend of essential oils chosen by the client in response to their need, the massage flows gently rhythmically energetically releasing blocked areas and allowing the essential oils to penetrate the skin whilst the aroma stimulates the Limbic System.
60 Minutes - $150
90 Minutes - $180

Deep tissue Massage

Used to release chronic muscle tension, through slower stroke, more direct deep pressure applied across the grain of the muscles and at the origin and insertion to release tight muscle. Especially good to help relieve acute or chronic pain and increase range of motion.
60 Minutes - $160
90 Minutes - $180

Chavutti Thirumal - Indian Rope Massage

The practitioner uses a rope in order to balance and transfer their weight. The feet glide over the clients body.
60 Minutes - $150
90 Minutes - $170

Trigger Point and Sports Massage

This specialized massage is for those who have acute or chronic problems, have deep massage regularly are sports orientated or simply enjoy having their knots removed!
30 Minutes - $90
60 Minutes - $140

Anti Jet Lag Massage

Revitalize your body and reduce instantly the effects of jet lag with our tonic massage to encourage circulation.
60 Minutes - $140


Massage Treatments | Beauty Treatments | Combination Treatments | Yoga | Schedule a Treatment

Combination Treatments

Aromatherapy/Swedish Massage with head and facial massage

Starting with massage and again allowing 15 to 30 minutes extra time following your massage to pay attention to your head, using pressure points for relieving sinus congestion and aiding relaxation and working from the neck to forehead to smooth out the muscles of the face and using pressure points to revitalize.
75 Minutes - $160
90 Minutes - $180

Assisted Yoga Postures and Swedish Massage

Starting with massage on the table to relax, warm and prepare the body for assisted yoga stretches on a cushioned floor mat. Finishing with a foot and head massage to leave the body light and grounded.
75 Minutes - $160
90 Minutes - $180

Swedish Massage and Hot Stones

Placing heated volcanic stones on different areas of the body to induce warming and relaxation of the muscles and combined with Swedish massage and the stones for deeper work on tight muscles, this combination is a treat and warms the body through to the core, leaving the client purely relaxed! (minimum 2 person booking)
60 Minutes - $170
90 Minutes - $190


Massage Treatments | Beauty Treatments | Combination Treatments | Yoga | Schedule a Treatment

Beauty Treatments

Body Scrub and Shea Butter Moisturize

A perfect start to your vacation. Your skin will feel soft and smooth, revealing fresh polished skin ready for sunshine.
45 Minutes: $100


Relax as your face is treated to a luxury facial. Designed to be a simple cleansing treatment, using pure botanical sources to refresh, cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin, conducive to your needs whilst enjoying your vacation.
60 Minutes: $140
90 Minutes: $160


Get that celebrity look with an expert manicure from our qualified nail therapist. Relax as your hands and nails are pampered. On arrival, the therapist will discuss the look you want for your nails before starting with a hand massage. Using quality cosmetics, your nails will be shaped and polished before being painted in the color of your choice. A classic manicure is a very relaxing treatment that gives you beautiful looking hands and nails with a soft elegant feel.
Full Manicure: $75


Get your feet in shape for St Maarten! Feel the stress seep away as our therapist begins with a soothing foot massage, before the nails are shaped and colored to perfection.
Full Manicure: $85


Massage Treatments | Beauty Treatments | Combination Treatments | Yoga | Schedule a Treatment

Yoga classes available upon request



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