Coronavirus Update

The global health and security measures being implemented to stem the spread of the virus is rapidly evolving and conditions are changing frequently.  We will provide timely updates to upcoming guests as best we can with verified information. 

We expect travel to St Martin/St Maarten to be impacted in April as well as May. The island of St Martin has health and security measures in place until May 14th.  We would recommend that you consider postponing your dates until the current situation improves.

For those traveling in June and July, we advise a wait and see approach until May 1st. Currently most property managers will allow for postponement for guests with travel dates in April and May.  For those traveling after June 1st, managers will only consider it on a case by case basis and encourage those guests to hold off postpone requests until you are 30 days from travel.

Additionally, the managers have eased their cancellation policy. If you cancel your reservation more than 14 days prior to arrival, only your deposit (or 50% of funds) will be forfeited rather than the 100% forfeiture.  

However, we recommend postponement as the best option and in the best interest of our clients.

Your health and safety are our paramount concern, if you wish to postpone your dates of travel, we please ask you to send an email to our reservations desk that includes the following information:

Head Guest Name
Villa Name
Confirmation Number
Preferred dates to rebook the property

We ask that communications be sent by email rather than by phone so responses can be tracked and properly organized. 

Please send the information to the following email accounts :

[email protected]

We will be responding to requests as soon as possible with the prioritization for guests traveling in the next 14 days.

For reservations in June and July, we are advising a wait and see approach. There is no benefit or urgency to act prematurely. We highly recommend monitoring the situation until May 1st to provide clarity of the ongoing situation. 

We will continue to work on impacted reservations on a case by case basis and notify clients that we deem will be impacted by current conditions. Our company works on your behalf and we will negotiate the best possible outcome. Please do not hesitate with any questions. We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this highly regrettable time.

Current Options for Clients

  1. Keep travel plans as is.  We recommend guests with stays scheduled after June 1st to continue with their current plans but closely monitor the situation. If you are traveling in June and July, please consider contingency planning.  
  2. Postpone travel. If traveling between now and June 1st, we recommend initiating postponement and select alternative dates of travel. Most property managers will allow penalty free postponement while other managers consider it on a case by case basis. The managers have been very accommodative for postponements. Each manager has some restrictions but reasonable overall.  New French legislation that is being passed states that vacation rentals are not cancellable without mutual consent but will allow guests to postpone vacation rentals up to 18 months.
  3. Cancel travel plans and seek reimbursement from travel insurance. If you wish to cancel and file a travel insurance claim, we will be delighted to provide any necessary documentation. However, most travel insurance policies may not cover the current situation unless you are sick and diagnosed with the virus. Evidently, the policy may not cover entry bans since they are not liable for government regulations and necessary health and safety measures. Policies that have cancel for any reason should provide coverage. Please contact your travel insurance company for options and their coverage.

Please note that refunds for villa rentals are not being extended by managers since these are short term lease agreements and the villa can be delivered to the client. Per the terms and conditions, all risk of travel is the responsibility of the guest.   However, the managers are acting in good faith and being accommodative to allow for postponement in this era of shared sacrifice.  So the best option we recommend if you do not wish to travel is to consider postponing.

To learn more about vacation rental obligations: Vacation Rental Cancellation Policy Explainer.


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