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St Martin

While spending time in St Martin, many people want to make the most of the brilliant aquamarine water that can be found nearly everywhere. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of the island, a kayak rental can add extra fun to your vacation. Children and adults are welcome to use the watercraft and rentals are available from 10 AM to 5 PM every day. All you need are a map and a bottle of water to be ready for some exciting exploration.

There are several options when renting a kayak during a St Martin vacation. You can get a single rider kayak for one hour, four hours, a full day, or a week. There are also tandem kayaks available for all the same time frames. The epic surfskis are also provided for rental if you want to try something new and exhilarating on the water. Take your choice and then get in the water.

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Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 5PM

Arrival Instructions / What to Bring: - Pickup point: Kim Sha Beach.
- The kayaks can be delivered to the villa at extra rate of $30 each way.

Child Restriction Children Welcome

Booking Policy Full payment is required at reservation.

Cancellation Policy - Cancellation policy: 20% is non-refundable upon booking. For cancellations within 7 days of the service/activity, no refunds are provided
- Change requests: Reservation changes after a service/activity is confirmed is subject to a $35 change fee.

*Delivery / Pick Up Fee ($30 each way) - $60.00 one time fee, collected at booking
*** St Martin Blue experience team hours of operation: 5AM to 3PM EST.
For urgent after hour issues on confirmed reservations, please contact the service provider directly.
Single Rider, Per Hour Single Rider, For 4 Hours Single Rider, Per Day Single Rider, Per Week Tandem Riders, Per Hour Tandem Riders, For 4 Hours Tandem Riders, Per Day Tandem Riders, Per Week Surfski, Per Hour Surfski, For 4 Hours Surfski, Per Day Surfski, Per Week $15.00 $25.00 $39.00 $190.00 $19.00 $29.00 $45.00 $220.00 $25.00 $75.00 $100.00 $500.00
Type: Single Rider, Per Hour
Price: $15.00
Type: Single Rider, For 4 Hours
Price: $25.00
Type: Single Rider, Per Day
Price: $39.00
Type: Single Rider, Per Week
Price: $190.00
Type: Tandem Riders, Per Hour
Price: $19.00
Type: Tandem Riders, For 4 Hours
Price: $29.00
Type: Tandem Riders, Per Day
Price: $45.00
Type: Tandem Riders, Per Week
Price: $220.00
Type: Surfski, Per Hour
Price: $25.00
Type: Surfski, For 4 Hours
Price: $75.00
Type: Surfski, Per Day
Price: $100.00
Type: Surfski, Per Week
Price: $500.00

Note: Payments accepted in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars.
Major credit cards accepted in US Dollars.

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"We have stayed at 6 different villas in the 10 yrs that we have been coming to St. Martin. Villa Sea Vous Play falls in the top 3 for us. If we factor in the price of the villa it is 1st on our list. "
Peter M
Sea Vous Play